Dr. Bob & Shelley Bullard
Northwest Morgans
Patchwood Farm
PO Box 728
Hillsboro, OR 97123-9038
Phone: (503) 628-2575
Fax:  (503) 846-9110
Northwest Morgans is a small family farm located at the lovely Patchwood Farm in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Owners Shelley and veterinarian Robert Bullard enjoy having fun with their Morgans, sharing the farm with their family and friends, and hosting events for the Morgan horse community or for charities, such as the "Candlelighters" organization for children with cancer.  Patchwood Farm also hosts an active pheasant brooding facility where about 1000 pheasants are raised every year.  Visitors are welcome.  Please contact Bob and Shelley if you would like to visit the farm or meet the lovely stallion, Stand in Tribute.
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Northwest Morgans